How to Download from Open Directories

What are open directories, how to download from them, and other questions

What's an Open Directory?

An Open Directory is an unprotected directory (or list) of movies, games, music, software, videos and many other interesting stuff. These directories are available to public, until they are protected by server adminstrators. In most cases, these directories are left open unintentionally.

What can be found inside these directories?

Almost any kind of data can be found inside Open Directories, from movies to mp3s, from books to games.

Okay, so how can I download from these directories?

There is more than one way to download from Open Directories:

  1. You can download by clicking on individual files. If you have a download manager, it will handle the download after you click. Otherwise your browser will download and save into your hard-disk.
  2. You can download the entire directories by using following applications: (this is non-exhaustive list)

There are too many options. What should I use?

wget. It is undoubtedly the most powerful and customizable software to download from Open Directories. And it is cross platform too!

How can I generate wget commands on this site?

You can click on wget on each list item on this site (below the link title), and it will copy the corresponding wget command to your clipboard. You can paste it in your terminal and start downloading.